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Agenda do Foro (english)

São Paulo Forum - Agenda for 2012

January 27-28: Foundation of the European regional secretariat of the FSP, in Madrid

February 24: Seminar on the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), in Bogotá

February 25-26: Ideological Conference of the Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA, in Spanish), in Colombia

March 11: Elections en El Salvador

March 22-24: Seminar of the PT Mexico and activity in support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

March 23: Bilateral FSP and COPPPAL (Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean)

March 25: Meeting of the FSP Working Group

Still in March: (to be confirmed) Meeting with the BRICS parties, in India

March 25: 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

April 13-21: Travel to USA, to constitute the USA regional secretariat of the FSP; the proposed agenda is:
- April 13 (Friday): departure to Los Angeles, arriving in the following day
- April 14 (Saturday): activity in Los Angeles
- April 15 (Sunday): departure to Chicago, arriving in the same day
- April 16 (Monday): activity in Chicago
- April 17 (Tuesday): departure to Boston, arriving in the same day
- April 18 (Wednesday): activity in Boston
- April 19 (Thursday): departure to New York, arriving in the same day
- April 20 (Friday): activity in New York
- April 21 (Saturday): return

May 18-19: (to be confirmed) Seminar of the FSP in Haiti

May 20: Elections in Dominican Republic

June 6: 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Chile

Beginning of June: (to be confirmed) Seminar on the international situation, on the occasion of the G20, in Mexico

June 20: (to be confirmed) Seminar on environmental subjects, on the occasion of the Rio+20, in Rio de Janeiro

July 1: Elections in Mexico

July 4-6: 18th Meeting of the FSP in Caracas + 4th Youth Meeting + 1st Women's Meeting; the proposed program is:

July 3
- Arrival of the delegations
- 3 pm: Accreditation
- 3 pm: Meeting of the Working Group
- 2nd seminar on progressive and left-wing governments

July 4
- Accreditation
- 9 am-1 pm: Meetings of the regional secretariats
a) Andean Amazonian
b) Southern Cone
c) Mesoamerican and the Caribbean

- 1 pm-2 pm: Lunch

- 2 pm-6 pm: Thematic workshops
a) Local and Sub National Authorities.
b) Defense.
c) Democratization of Information and Communication.
d) Foundations and Schools or Training Centers.
e) Environment and Climate Change.
f) Migrations.
g) Social Movements.
h) Parliamentarians.
i) Security and Drug Trafficking.
j) National Sovereignty and Decolonization.
k) Racial Theme.
l) Art and Culture Workers.

July 5
- 9 am-1 pm:
a) 1st Women's Meeting.
b) 4th Youth Meeting.
c) Seminar on colonialism.

- 1 pm-2 pm: Lunch
- 2 pm-6 pm: 2nd part of the morning activities
- 7 pm-9 pm: Official opening session of the 18th Meeting of the FSP

July 6
- 8 am-9 am: Meeting of the Working Group
- 9 am-1 pm: FSP Assembly
- 1 pm-2 pm: Lunch
- 2 pm-6 pm: Assembly and closing session

October 7: Elections in Venezuela and Brazil

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